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Economic Adulteration of Botanical Ingredients

Sunday, September 1, 2019 09:00 – 17:00, CCB (University of Innsbruck)

Economic Adulteration of Botanical Ingredients: What Do We Know, and How Can We Solve it?

Adulteration and fraud of natural ingredients added to foods are global concerns for stakeholders, for industry, for risk assessors and risk managers, and for EU consumers. Despite strict regulations for herbal medicines in the EU, many herbal products with botanicals, particularly those sold as food supplements, have been reportedly diluted or substituted with undeclared lower-cost ingredients. This workshop is a continuation of the initial workshop on adulteration in botanical health ingredients in November 2018, bringing together representatives from academia, industry, and government. What is the EU industry doing about it? What are the plans of regulators? What lessons can be learnt and tools used from leading experts? How can adulteration and fraud be prevented? And what happens when it is discovered?

Main Topics

  • Adulteration and fraud in botanicals: Processes and detection
  • The role of sourcing/vertical Integration
  • Adulteration and fraud in food
  • DNA-based methods for authenticity testing
  • Adulteration and regulations
  • Market perspective

Workshop Objectives

  • Obtain insights into the problem and what is being done globally to prevent adulteration
  • Hear the views and plans of regulators and risk assessors
  • Identify tools and practices for prevention
  • Learn through case studies about health risks, and impacts of natural ingredient fraud
  • Participate in a panel discussion with experts

Partial List of Confirmed Speakers

  • Anna-Rita Bilia, University of Florence
  • Mark Blumenthal, American Botanical Council
  • Luca Bucchini, Hylobates Consulting
  • Stefan Gafner, American Botanical Council
  • Roy Upton, American Herbal Pharmacopoeia

The breaks will provide the opportunity for professional, scientific and personal networking. The Pre-Congress Symposium can be booked alone or in addition to the main congress.

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