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Founded in 1971 by the German pharmaceutical company MADAUS and now with DERMAPHARM Group, EUROMED S.A. is a vertically integrated leading producer of standardized botanical extracts and natural active substances for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

In 1971, Euromed manufactured the 1st standardized milk thistle extract, clinically studied during the past few decades in thousands of patients worldwide.

All extracts comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) norms, international pharmacopoeias and regulations and are manufactured according to methods adopted and validated by EUROMED.

EUROMED has a long history of expertise in research and development, laboratory analyses and extraction technologies and is committed to the highest quality standards in terms of analytics, chemistry and therapeutic values.

The botanical raw material is subjected to strict selection and examination in accordance with GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices) guidelines. Each production batch, from the herb to the final extract, undergoes several laboratory tests for identity, potency and potential impurities. Our paramount concern is the safety and efficacy of the products we produce.

EUROMED is a preferred supplier for its longstanding pharmaceutical clientele, providing ingredients in their formulations that health professionals can rely on in their practices. These firms trust EUROMED for its decades of experience in producing phytopharmaceutical ingredients and developing sustainable technological innovations.

This experience is now available to the rapidly expanding global nutraceutical market, which is increasingly seeking pharmaceutical-grade, evidence-based and trusted botanical solutions that support health.

Our manufacturing plants are in Mollet del Vallès (Barcelona) and Molina de Segura (Murcia), Spain, where more than 5,000 tons of raw material, annually, are extracted in compliance with GMP guidelines.

The production plant in Murcia further expands EUROMED’s capabilities with eco-friendly technologies that use a water-based extraction method, the Pure-Hydro Process™.

In 2004, a dedicated processing and procurement facility was built in central Florida. This location and a small area of Georgia are the only areas in the world where the ripe berries of Saw palmetto palm trees, a wild harvested plant considered endangered, are picked, by hand. Processing and drying of saw palmetto berries close to where they are collected, supports sustainable practices, ensures optimal fatty acid content, and provides complete traceability of the raw material. Modern technologies are applied at each step of the manufacturing process, from diverse extraction methods to the application of product specific drying techniques such as spray drying, vacuum drying and vacuum belt drying. Highly concentrated botanical derivatives require further steps of purification including liquid-liquid extraction, crystallization, and column chromatography.

Euromed Headquarters

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Milk Thistle seed selection

Pomegranate fields

Barcelona Production Plant

Murcia Production Plant

Florida Saw Palmetto harvesting site

St. John’s Wort harvesting

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