Mediterranean Fruit Extracts

Evidence-based Mediterranean Fruit and Vegetables Extracts for Wellbeing and Healthy Ageing

Inspired by the plant-based Mediterranean diet, associated with healthy ageing effects mediated largely by phytochemicals, Euromed presents a new line of evidence-based fruit and vegetable extracts. Locally and sustainably sourced Spanish pomegranates, olives, artichokes, figs and lemons are gently processed with the proprietary Pure-Hydro Process™ water-only extraction technology, preserving natural compounds while avoiding undesirable residues of organic solvents. Better for consumers and the environment.

Pomanox® is a patented and standardised natural extract of pomegranate fruit, supported by more than 10 years of research and development.
Multiple published and proprietary studies show beneficial properties for applications such as healthy ageing, cardiovascular health, sports nutrition and nutricosmetics.

Pomanox® is produced from pomegranates cultivated in Mediterranean regions of Spain through sustainable farming, under strict quality control of the raw material and with a green and eco-friendly proprietary extraction technology, the Pure-Hydro Process™, based on ultrapure water as the only solvent. The Pure-Hydro Process™ technology preserves the natural, water-soluble, polyphenolic composition of pomegranate fruit and avoids undesirable residual content of organic solvents. Available in different strengths and as certified organic.

Mediteanox® a patented olive fruit natural extract manufactured using a proprietary eco-friendly extraction technology, the Pure-Hydro Process™, based on ultrapure water as the only solvent. This technology provides a clean extraction and avoids undesirable residual content of organic solvents such as ethanol or acetone residues.

Mediteanox® is water soluble and oil dispersible. It is standardised fordifferent contents of natural hydroxytyrosol and is supported by data corroborating its characterisation, safety, efficacy and long-term stability. The ingredient is also suitable for a natural prevention of oxidation in foods such as vegetable oils, margarines and animal fats.
Secret to Live™ is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) enriched with Mediteanox® through a patented process. It delivers 5mg hydroxytyrosol in 20 ml EVOO.
Recently published data from clinical study indicate potential synergism of daily administration of Mediteanox® with pomegranate extract Pomanox® for improving endothelial functions and reducing LDL cholesterol oxidation.

Cynamed™ is produced from the artichoke flower (the edible part) and manufactured using a proprietary, eco-friendly, water-only extraction method, the Pure-Hydro™ process, that avoids any risks of residual contaminants from organic solvents.
Available as water soluble powder extract, standardised in characteristic active principles such as the phenolic caffeoylquinic acids (not less than 4%) and the prebiotic inulin (not less than 18%).

Cynamed™ offers the prebiotic properties of artichoke flower’s natural inulin with the well-known digestive effects promoted by artichoke’s caffeoylquinic acids, proposing a holistic approach to complete digestive
Cynamed™ short-term colonic fermentation properties were assessed with a validated dynamic in vitro simulator model of the human Intestinal Microbial Ecosystem (SHIME®). The extract demonstrated a remarkable prebiotic activity in just 48 hours (Nutrients 2020, 12, 1552).

ABAlife® is a fruit extract obtained from dried Spanish figs (Ficus carica L.) that may support normal carbohydrate metabolism through its standardized natural abscisic acid (ABA) content. ABA is a phytohormone
naturally present in small amounts in dietary fruits and vegetables. Figs contain one of the highest concentrations of ABA found in nature.
Glycemic control is one of the most researched nutraceutical applications of ABA.
Safety and tolerability of ABAlife® were assessed in a Phase I clinical trial in healthy people, demonstrating glycemic improvements (Atkinson FS, et al. Nutrients. 2019 Jul 31;11(8):1757). A recently published pre-clinical study found that ABAlife® promotes glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity while decreasing obesity related systemic inflammation (Leber, A., et al. Sci Rep 10, 10463: 2020).
ABAlife® has obtained self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation. A GRAS expert panel of independent scientists concluded unanimously that ABAlife® is recognised as safe under the conditions of intended use as described in its dossier in a wide range of food and beverage categories.

Wellemon™ is an extract from lemon fruit (Citrus limon L) with a standardisation to natural flavonoid eriocitrin (eriodctyol 7-0 -rutinoside). Of the Citrus species, lemon fruit has the highest content of eriocitrin, and like the citrus flananones, are known for their potential to support metabolic and cardiovascular health, venous system and healthy ageing.

A clinical study demonstrated that eriocitrin has a high bioavailability compared to analogues such as hesperidin thanks to its superior water solubility. (Ávila-Galvez et al. 2021).

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